Fees for Instruction and Guiding

Everything is tailor made each time, no off the shelf open courses here.

Click HERE and email me to receive the price list for all out coaching and guiding fees, minus possible expenses.

Tailor made fees and explanation:

So in order to help you tell us:

Who + what + when + where = How much

Invest in the coaches and guides that are invested in your safety and learning.

Ask yourself this question:

Would you like the person in charge of your safety and learning to be on mimimum wage and over worked, or someone because they are paid professionally is invested in your learning and refreshed enough to stay focused on you and has the time and energy  as best as possible maintain their equipment and qualifications to benefit you?

All the coaching and guiding is privately booked because I’m very aware everybody learns in a different way, at a different speed and everybody has different aspirations and abilities.

This is why all my coaching and guiding sessions are tailor made to you and only who ever you bring along with you on your day.

Simply don’t put strangers together, because you know you will gain so much more from learning your way and doing things your way at your speed, to the level you wish to do them.

It’s both highly affordable and cost effective.

For example think about attending an open course on navigation.

Paying £130 for a 2 day weekend course with 6 other strangers….

This puts your tuition time with the instructor down to 7 hours each day = 14 hours.

Which is shared between 6 people (14 hours between 6)

So the real contact time with you and the instructor is 2.33 hours for £130

Or Pay maybe £130 for 1 to 1 tuition in navigation for a 7 hour day…

That’s 7 hours instructor contact time and so many more opportunities to learn and confirm for you.

Fact: The more you do it the more you’ll learn.

Repetition Repetition Repetition Repetition is one of best ways to learn skills.

But repeating it correctly too.

In short you’ll learn more because you’ll do more in a shorter period ….. period

This often suits people who have limited time available or wish to focus on a specific skill set or aspirational target.

Organised groups can benefit too and get reduced group costs.

Purely as an example

The Instructor fees only for a Introduction To Navigation course:

1 person = £120 so £120 per person

2 person = £140 so £70 per person

3 person = £160 so £53 per person

4 person = £180 so £45 per person

5 person = £200 so £40 per person

6 person = £220 so £37 per person

(Other courses will have different fee structures and remember its all tailor made. More people means less cost per person. Less people means more learning per person. But you get the idea)

Fees include the instructors over heads, such as liability insurance costs, up to medium distance travel, session preparation and clean up of all the specialist equipment the instructor will use, including ropes anchors, specialist equipment, emergency equipment etc.

Gear Hire

In addition to the instructors fees, you may need to hire personal specialist equipment such as harness, cave suits, helmets etc. at an extra minimal cost.

I’m happy to advise on this and can incorporate them into the costs.

I feel this is a good compromise, allowing the group to either bring their own personal equipment for the session, such as those on skills courses so keeping the costs down, or for those on introductory sessions, the opportunity to hire specialist equipment for the session undertaken.

So if you’d like to know how much something costs, call me or email me with the type of activity you’d like to do and how many folks will you bring and if you’d need specialist kit.

Who + what + when + where = How much

Just ask !