Freelance T&C

Freelance Terms and Conditions

In an attempt to help those new to freelance outdoor work, and bring a fairer way of working in the outdoor sector for everybody.

I have decided to display my terms and conditions of work to with outdoor providers who request my services when I work in a “Freelance” capacity only.

These are not applicable when:

I’m acting as a sub-contractor.

I’m working as a consultant.

I’m working for myself

I am employed buy an organisation

I believe these terms are fair and professional for everybody concerned.

  • Ensuring that people are not unreasonably requested to work overly long hours without remuneration.
  • They are fairly reimbursed for use of their vehicle as per the rates used by the Inland Revenue.
  • They are given ample notice should courses be cancelled and paid an appropriate fee accordingly.
  • That’s they are paid within an acceptable time period from the invoice date.
  • That they are fully aware of the nature of course and groups they will be working with prior to the event.

All Outdoor Freelancers are welcome to use these as they wish.

A WORD doc with the content of this page is available by clicking here, allowing easy copy pasting

Download Freelance Terms and Condtions (Word Doc 24k)

Best Regards Adam

Terms and Conditions.


Please ensure full payment is received within 30 days of invoice date.

Re-issue of invoices and late payment may be charged for.

Late payment will incur interest at the standard rate per day that payment is over due.


Work is agreed to by means of a written contract, an E-mail is acceptable.

Please state the time and location of work, the rate of pay, the type of group and work, start and finish time for the day, including any clean up and debrief.


If working within the Peak District or its locale and my vehicle is required during the day, this must

be stated in the contract.

The vehicle transport cost will be at a rate of £0.40 per mile and will be charged on every mile during contracted working time.

This does not include my personal travel to and from work the base or initial working location.

Vehicle costs to working areas outside the Peak or its locale are by negotiation.


Cancellation within 7 working days will be invoiced for at the full rate contracted.

Cancellation within 7 to 14 days will be invoiced at 50%

Tax and N.I.:

No tax or national insurance is to be stopped at source, it is my responsibility to pay this.

Payment or an agreement/contract to work is acceptance of these terms.

Changes to the original contract are by negotiation only.

Queries in writing to the addresses below

Your address contact etc here….