Canoe Guiding and Leading

Canoes are possibly the most versatile vehicle on the planet.

The can be paddled tandem or solo, through gentle waters or raging torrents.

The can undertake a idyllic day meandering for a few hours of be taken for weeks across remote journeys on classic expeditions.

They can carry hundred of kilos, yet when unladen be lifted from the water by one person. Paddled, sailed, rafted, lined, tracked, poled and carried.

Oh and even slept under or used as a table.

With my experience in canoe guiding and coaching and of course qualifications, I’m happy to take you from your first splashes and dunks, to multi day wilderness journeys, establishing camps in isolated areas and maybe secluded islands.

With someone else looking after the safety, route finding, logistics, equipment, water levels and you … so leaving you to enjoy the days on the water.

Just you, the paddle and the canoe, to explore the natural surroundings. Forget the stress and 9-5 mentality of your day job, relax, slow down and enjoy this magical pass time.