Gorge Walking & High Rope Courses


Rock Hopping, River Scrambling, Gorge walking

A Blast. A tailored session to fit the group and the weather. It can involve short scrambles and climbs over wet rocks and pools, or squeezing between boulders and hopping over rocky out crops. Total fun!

It can be as challenging as you want to make it. Ranging from small groups in steep wet gorges involving roped ascents, to the fun of group set challenges. It may involve short scrambles, possible squeezes and crawls or even a rough stream walk. No previous experience necessary,  good level of fitness and swimming required for the more challenging trips.

Ratio Dependant on the venue used: 1 Instructor to 4, or 1 Instructor to 8

High Rope Courses and Low Rope Challenges

Zip wires, trapezes, cargo nets, log balances and the all the fun of assault courses, rolled in to one day or half a days group play time for you, your friends and colleages. Listen to your friends squeal with excitement and delight as they overcome obstacles or swing from their harness high up in a tree. Either as a group of informal friends or as part of a corporate development come along and experience the rope courses. Develop your team strategy to overcome challenges and see how it all works out.

Experience: No experience necessary. All conducted at purpose built venues and supervised by our experienced instructors.
Ratio: 1 instructor to 8