Canoe Coaching: Open Water

Do you want to be a paddler or a floater?

By putting your paddle in the water and getting results one way or the other you become a paddler.

By taking your paddle out of the water and floating you become a floater.

The foundations of efficient and effective paddling lie in the development of open water skills.

It’s the finest place to experience what you actually do, not what the current does, to get your boat to work on your command. In other words, you get feed back on your paddling repertoire…. Instantly!

Ill give you input on your paddling efficacy, honing the boat, body, blade, back ground cycle, till it becomes a natural thing to work with. Using the wind and improve your open water paddling till its smooth and as effortless as can be in the conditions you choose to paddle in.

Smooth out your paddling style with your body. Sow the seeds of intuitive cruising, so fluid strokes are maintained to maximum efficiency and a comfortable maintainable rate.

The perfect way to build up knowledge on trim, edge, lean to take your Canoeing to the next level and definitely the place to create a solid platform to paddle on moving water.

Consider the tactics for paddling within the wind, crossing expansive water, strategies for gaining ground in high force winds and the consequences and methods needed to get you and others back in boats should a mishap happen.

Previous experience: Open water
Duration: Min 1 full day
Min Ratio: 1 instructor to 1
Max Ratio: 1 instructor to 4 solo or 1 to 6 tandem
Cost: Dependant on size of group