Canoe Coaching: Expedition Skills

Paddling a canoe expedition style is like the difference between driving a car, and then driving a fully loaded car with a big caravan on the back. Everything has to be done earlier, smoother and more efficiently.

I’ll cover the different ways to load you boat, for open and moving water, plus how to keep your gear dry.

Setting your boat up for expedition and possible recovery in water.

When your running rivers with loaded boats, the tactics and lines have to be different to reduce flooding the boat and reduced boat and river bed damage.

There will be massive emphasis on defensive paddling rather than offensive paddling, this in its self is a big learning step and different in so many ways to standard river approach.

Combine this with the types of gear needed for safety and comfort and eventuality. Plus wilderness skills out of the boat to travel ethically and safely makes for a fascinating few days in preparation for expedition.

This subject is much like the outdoors… It’s massive

Go wild…

Previous experience: Open Water
Duration: Min 1 full day
Min Ratio: 1 instructor to 1
Max Ratio: 1 instructor to 4 solo or 1 to 6 tandem
Cost: Dependant on size of group