Local Cave & Mine Leader: Level One Training

I know you want the best standard of training to equip you as a professional or responsible organiser underground.

These LCML training course are designed for you to lead groups in both caves and mines in any part of the UK you choose to assessed in.

I ensure my courses are run over a full 3 in depth days, with plenty or practical application and environmental input.

To maintain high quality training, I personally ensure each person has the required prerequisites and experience to get the most out of this leadership training.

The training course is an important part of the scheme, giving candidates a clear view of the standard required to lead groups of novice’s underground. It covers the technical skills of party management, safety techniques with and without ropes, emergency scenarios, suitable equipment, leader responsibilities, conservation ethos, access legalities, basic geology and hydrology and many other vital areas of the syllabus.

BCA Mandate: A minimum of one month’s notice is required for all training courses

Training courses are scheduled and advertised or by independent arrangement.

Previous experience: Personally competence with at least 12 cave or mine trips. 18 years or older. Registered on the BCA’s Local Cave and Mine Leader Scheme

Duration: Min 3 full days
Min Ratio: 1 instructor to 1
Max Ratio: 1 instructor to 6
Cost: TBA