Local Cave & Mine Leader: Level Two Training

The training course covers the leadership skills for simple vertical systems explored with ladders and abseils on pitches up to 18 metres or 60 feet high.

After training many technically capable cavers personally who then undertake this course. I recognise how important it is to schedule the time to fully understand the techniques in this training. Therefore 3 days is essential to cover the full syllabus in my opinion. Im sure as a candidate you want to leave the course feeling confident in exactly what you can do and what you need to learn.

The course is comprehensive in content from equipment suitability and use, along with hazard awareness and incident management are covered.

Ladders use and misuse, SRT for leader techniques, double lifeline for leader, group abseils for caving, simple and varying hoists, varying belay systems with lowers, traverse line rescues and many many more techniques. In short I cover all the skills and make you aware of what you need to do to pass your assessment with flying colours.

BCA Mandate: A minimum of one month’s notice is required for all training courses

Training courses are scheduled and advertised or by independent arrangement

Previous experience: Personally competence with at least 12 cave or mine trips including some vertical systems, personally proficient in S.R.T. and S.R.T. rigging. 18 years or older. Registered on the BCA’s Local Cave and Mine Leader Scheme. Ideally completed level 1 assessments

Duration: Min 3 full days
Min Ratio: 1 instructor to 1
Max Ratio: 1 instructor to 4
Cost: TBA


A quality day should satisfy at least 4 of the following criteria: –

  • Exploration of a new route or cave (new to the candidate that is)
  • Exploration of caves with a streamway that responds to rainfall.
  • Incorporates at least 4 to 5 hours of underground exploration.
  • An experience that develops an individuals caving knowledge, skills and awareness.
  • Incorporates caving skills above the level of the candidate’s qualification.
  • Of the candidates own making i.e. the candidate is to lead the trip, or it is one done with peers and not led by an external source.
  • For level 1, involves the application of vertical skills, digging or exploration.
  • For level 2 an extension of vertical skills, digging or exploration.