Local Cave & Mine Leader


The Local Cave Mine Leaders Scheme’s Level One and Level Two, are the bench mark qualifications for people leading novice groups in a professional capacity underground. The scheme is also very useful for volunteers wishing to acquire and demonstrate to authorities they have been independently assessed as competent to lead novices underground. The main considerations of the scheme are equally the safety of the group and the conservation and understanding of a fragile environment.

The idiosyncratic nature of British caves means each area within the UK requires both area and site specific assessments. However with appropriate experience over time candidates can be assessed for more than one area. The Local Cave Mine Leader Award is not a basic or introductory caving course, but training and assessment courses designed to teach participants already experienced with the underground the specialist skills in leading others.

These LCML training course are designed for you to lead groups in both caves and mines in any part of the UK you choose to assessed in.

The schemes stages are as follows:

  • Personal Cave / Mine experience
  • Enrolment
  • Training
  • Consolidation
  • Assessment
  • Issue of an award

Candidates are required to register with the BCA prior to the course, details can be found online at www.british-caving.org.uk or from

The Training Administrator

Mary Wilde
37 Jackson Road