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Film, TV and Media Work

Get there, get the shoot done, get home safe.

“Filming from all these very difficult positions, bringing down in these wet caves all the equipment, it really was a monstrous assignment……Once more, I couldn’t have hoped for such a brillant crew and I hope, and believe, that everyone had a good time making this production….”

 – International Adventurer and TV presenter

I’m really proud of the quality of the TV, film, media and Magazine work we’ve been involved with over the years. When film industry experts and veterans of adventure filming shoots tell you “We have all done something quite unique and special here”you have a right to be proud.

Although I’ve been personally featured and interviewed in international glossy magazine articles, done small day TV shoots to capture locations.

I’m more proud that I’ve trained presenters on camera, for serious technical trips, that have also been filmed and I’ve helped present the story to camera too.

Media work history:

  • Multi day TV filing shoots including presenting to camera
  • Multi day technical safety consultancy and remote location access
  • Interviews
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Podcasts

Services Provided:

I provide both prior technical consultancy work and planning and practical safety supervision on site, Including:

  • Advice on beautiful locations
  • Production team safety skills training
  • Access of the shoot location with the production team and equipment
  • Supervision of the production team and the performers on site
  • Suitability of safety staffing and equipment
  • Risk assessments written and dynamic
  • To camera work and co presenting

With media experience, and safety expertise in below and above ground environments, that include wilderness and water safety skills. I can either assist with the safety techniques and input directly, or I have access to a specialist field of highly experienced instructors and very accomplished adventure filming experts, to both safe guard the production and team, plus help you to create more dramatic shot and yet safer results.

Being articulate, expressive and clear I’m comfortable, if required being on screen presenting to camera too.

Media Companies are welcome to contact me direct

Please call me for details and leave a number to call you back 07900 927400 UK

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