Canoe Expedition Guiding


noun: expedition; plural noun: expeditions

a journey undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose …….To travel with efficiency ….

The very reason open canoes were invented!

Carrying everything we need to journey place to place.

Used by the Native America Indians, Polynesians and the Indians of the South America Amazon deltas to trade hunt and travel.

They opened up continents to new horizons.


Travel large distances passing through remote idylls, over open waters and journey down winding rivers. Spend days rising to the challenge of weather and water. The nights spent tented up enjoying the camaraderie of our excursion over rustic outdoor food.

Canoe expeditioning made easier and safer with on hand advice for provisions, camping locations, leave no trace ethics, navigation, weather and route adaption….. and so so much more.

From a single over night experience to a multi-day extravaganza using an array of skills and routes.

Life is a journey, its not where you get to, but how you get there and who with that matters.


Previous experience: None to Advanced depending on the expedition
Duration: TBA
Min Ratio: 1 instructor to 1
Max Ratio: 1 instructor to 6
Cost: Dependant on size of group