About Adam

Everyone can learn something in the outdoors by putting theory into practice.

Adam Evans is an outdoor leadership and personal development coach, lecturer and guide.

He works nationally and internationally with people as varied as rescue teams, the British Archeological Survey, Universities and individuals of all ages and abilities who dream of adventure and challenge; coaching them all in the many skills that will help them make positive steps toward their dreams.

Multi qualified in many outdoor arenas, he also coaches and trains people’s mind sets with Neuro Linguistic Programming, Coaching skills and Hypnotherapy to assist people in over coming their inner obstacles to attain their outer goals.

“His passion is bringing the best out of the person.”


  • My courses have high instructor to client ratios:
  • Promoting safety and learning opportunities
  • Doing more and going further
  • Learning more and developing faster
  • Reducing the environmental impact on the places we love so much
  • My informal yet professional approach to the outdoors relies on experience and passion, which emphasis respect for the environment and action, enjoyment and learning for the group.
  • Client to instructor ratios are be governed by the nature of the courses, prior experience, fitness and of course the client’s aspirations.
  • I arrange one to one sessions which is my specialty, or activities for larger groups.
  • I offer services that help clients to identify points where appropriate training will make a significant difference to their ability to accomplish personal goals and acquire skills on the way.

Feel free to contact me about ideas, and what you would like to achieve short and long term and I will endeavor to advise you accordingly.

Considerations of an Instructor

When choosing any instructor there a few simple things to consider.

To be honest its not their qualifications, because I know people who aren’t qualified who are superb instructors and also people who are qualified and have lost most of their skills and gone to seed…

It’s also not just about their equipment, because shiny new kit can be all to easily purchased and ratty tatty kit can often be unsafe… Its about how slick they handle the kit.

Age is no reference for experience or aptitude… Some of the younger students I’ve trained are already more technical aware and competent because of intense training, than instructors who have been working at a non challenging level for 20 years.

So what is worth considering? I’d say three things.

1 Their professional experience and technical skill. How much work have they done at that level, where with who etc. Be warned regarding qualification collectors who are qualified but are not up to date, some instructors pass and never use that skill set again which to be honest is worrying.

Imagine just passing your driving test and then stopping driving…. Would you still be as skillful in 2 years time?

2 Their frequency of work. How often have the worked at that level and when was the last time. Be warned regarding weekend warriors. Who would you rather have as a pilot to fly the plane? A full time registered experienced pilot or the very occasional weekend amateur plane enthusiast. Now imagine flying in that plane in a storm with your loved ones aboard…

3 Experience in other activities and fields. Because thinking outside of the box is a useful trait in the outdoors and doing the same thing each day is dull for them. You don’t want a bored instructor. Doing exactly the same thing each day after a while creates complacency and boredom. I’d opt for an adaptable instructor now just someone to provide a generic activity. Someone that can flex to the ever changing conditions, through experience and meet your needs.

This is exactly the criteria where pilots are allowed to fly and divers are allowed to dive and Doctors are allowed to work… It makes common sense.

They have qualifications to maintain, like any professional should and so pursue continuous professional development as we should too in the outdoors.

So choose the person who will work you and keep you safe… carefully.


In my years as an outdoor professional I’ve worked with many many differing groups of clients from in and outside the UK including:

  • Foreign Enthusiasts both in the UK and Abroad including:
    United States, Bulgaria, Holland, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Australia and Jordan.
  • Individuals male and female enthusiasts Novice to Advanced to Professional.
  • Adventurous Families enhancing their children’s lives with superb experiences to help them develop personally.
  • Professional Rescue Teams Skills Training.
  • Folks with specific needs, including people who are blind, deaf, Autistic and differing physical and emotional issues, because everybody is capable of something.
  • Aspirant Instructors needing top end training
  • Higher Education Undergraduates
  • Outdoor Clubs and Societies
  • Update Training for qualified Instructors
  • Technical Consultant for outdoor providers on venues, staffing, equipment and practice
  • Privately lead self-sufficient expeditions in the wilderness.
  • Month long freelance personal development expeditions in developing world countries.

Who wont I work with?

Whiner’s moaners and people who don’t want to be there or learn. Period. 


I have worked professionally in adventure activities for over 15 years. Although internationally known for caving instructional work I love all the fields I work in.

Based in the United Kingdom’s Peak District I work all round the UK and internationally too.


  • Cave Instructors Certificate Inc National Mines Module
  • U.K.C.C. Five Star Leader Canoe
  • B.C.U. Level 3 Canoe Coach
  • British Canoe Union White Water Safety and Rescue for Canoeists
  • U.K.C.C. Advanced White water Safety and Rescue
  • Institute of Outdoor Learning Bush craft Practitioner
  • Leave No Trace Awareness Trainer
  • Local Cave Leader Trainer and Assessor
  • Summer Mountain Leader Award
  • Single Pitch Award
  • Local Cave Mine Leader Level One
  • Local Cave Mine Leader Level Two Derbyshire and Yorkshire (including SRT Module)
  • Neuro Linguistic Psychology Diploma
  • Neuro Linguistic Psychology Practitioner
  • Neuro Linguistic Psychology Master Practitioner
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy Certificate
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma (passed with excellence)
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy Advanced Diploma Training
  • First Aid Remote Care
  • First Aid at work


  • Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Training
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Training
  • I.T.A. Introductory Transactional Analysis 101
  • I.O.L. aspirant Accredited Practitioner
  • Winter Mountain Leader
  • B.C.U. 4 star Canoe
  • B.C.U. Kayak/Canoe Safety Test
  • M.L.T.B. Disability Awareness Seminar.
  • M.L.T.B. Mountain Leader Trainer Seminar.
  • Basic Health and Safety.
  • Basic Food and Hygiene.
  • Training in the Children act
  • Training in Child Protection.
  • Therapeutic Crisis Intervention: Basic.
  • Therapeutic Crisis Intervention: Staff Recovery.
  • Therapeutic Crisis Intervention: Effective Confrontation.
  • Prevention, Assessment, Management of violence and aggression.
  • Fairbridge Training: Difficult Behaviour Practitioner tool kit
  • 4*4 Land Rover Off Road Driving Course
  • Visually Impaired Awareness Training RNIB 2012
  • UK Sports Coach Safe Guarding and Protecting Children 2011
  • M.L.T.B. Hill Skills Tutor
  • M.L.T.B. Mountain Skills Tutor
  • M.I.D.A.S. Mini bus test
  • P.A.D.I. Open Water Diver
  • P.A.D.I. Advanced Open Water Diver
  • P.A.D.I. Deep Specialty Diver
  • P.A.D.I. Rescue Diver
  • P.A.D.I. Dry Suit Specialty


I choose to operate on a small, personal scale, creating superior memories and skills that last a lifetime.

I try to do things as ethically as possible, trying to reduce our impact as possible on the environment we all love so much. This is done through education, training and smaller well lead groups.

Plus all the info you need is online, or conveyed by email so no need for wasteful paper catalogues.