Thank you for your expert efforts on the Caving course

last week (12-15 May). I have come away a lot happier with the

knowledge and skills, which you have imparted. You targeted the course at the right level, and your instruction was bang on.

I am in no doubt your enthusiasm helped us all.

I hope you enjoyed your visit, and hopefully you will return in the future.

Many thanks

Stephen C. (Search & Rescue Ireland)

Hi Adam

Thanks very much for looking after us all on Saturday.  I had a fantastic mday and am up for having another go at some time soon. The sump didn’t even put me off!

I’m looking forward to seeing the photos (if they come out) and have sent you the ‘before’ picture when we are all looking clean and fresh!!

Thanks again

Clare x

Hi Adam

Thanks for the SRT Course; it was everything I was looking for…….everything went spot on.

The organization of the day went brilliantly, you covered everything and adapted to your students learning speed. You kept me learning all day and at no time did I feel we were over covering anything (this is my normal complaint for courses).

I would very much like to organise further trips / training with you…………….

Dale G.


What a fantastic day, team building was a thoroughly enjoyable experience from start to finish.

The day was broken into two parts, which helped to build our confidence steadily and competently.

It was a laugh from beginning to end helped by professional expertise, always encouraging and inspiring.

The high ropes course proving that working together and helping one another can and does achieve great things.

Hope to do it again.

Many many thanks

The Greenfield Team.

The course was excellent value for money, Professionally run and well organised. It sought out The requirements of the people attending and covered These in an efficient and thorough way. The diversity and opportunity for short one to one sessions with the instructors allowed for a large number of topics and information to be covered. I personally have benefited greatly in attending the course and look forward to putting into practice some of the skills that I have learnt into caving situations. I now feel a lot more confident about my own abilities and more capable of dealing with situations that can arise during caving trips.

Thank you for your time

Matt B

The Single Rope Technique (SRT) weekend was excellent ……..

…the weekend was broken into two parts, a training day and a caving trip day.

…Adam looked after the group and made sure everyone was using the correct techniques and observing the safety points.

The group practiced the techniques independently under supervision until they came fluently,

This gave a the group an appreciation for the diverse range of motions and changes in direction that can be achieved with an SRT kit, and brought together all the skills taught throughout the course, it also gave the group a valuable look at how a caving trip is planned what kit would be needed.

The caving trip its self gave the group a real life chance to put into practice the skills that were taught in the training day and was well organised, at the correct level for the group

… the course was run very professionally and well managed. It taught the students all the skills needed for SRT caving in an easy to understand style with good demonstrations and one on one teaching.

I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to learn SRT and wishes to pursue the sport further and to people who want a comprehensive taste of hands on technical caving.

Andrew W.


Hi Adam

Just a quick message to say that I was really impressed with the caving on Saturday. Considering the price I don’t think that we could have asked for much More especially considering the fact that the price included the hire of the Equipment. I have a good feeling that you will hear from a couple of us quite soon to arrange some S.R.T. training.

Cheers Mate




Just wanted to say thank you for organising a cracking afternoon’s climbing for us on Saturday.  I really enjoyed it and I’m pretty sure that everyone else did too.  Given relatively desk-bound levels of fitness (and not a little nervousness) i thought the venue and the way you all pitched the activity levels was fantastic.  Looking forward to trying some of the climbing walls in London now – although I doubt the views will be anywhere near as good!

Thanks again and best regards


(Stag Event)

Thoroughly enjoyable, set at the right level for the whole group rather than catering for the most or least capable members, well done. The extra information and anecdotes about caving, caves, geology, flooding, made the trip interesting, enjoyable, fun and educational. Absolutely awesome effort and thank you

RAF Flt Lt Adventure training team

Hard work, but great fun.

Excellent we will be back.

“Adam you are one of the few cavers who can boost my confidence underground. I can move on from concern about where I am and begin to appreciate the beauty and grandeur of the caves around me….

…the safest caving instructor I know, as well as being a good companion underground….

I highly commended you as an instructor for the novice, or coach for the experienced caver wishing to polish specific techniques.”

Mike P.

Being someone with a sense of adventure I had a yearning to try caving for a number of years.  It was only up until last year I decided to quite literary take the plunge.  I rallied a group of like-minded friends and when I run out of those I press ganged members of my family and booked up a session with Adam.

We spent a full day exploring one of Derbyshires greatest caves under the watchful eye of Adam.  The instruction was excellent, clear and informative.

Having had a taster last year I booked up the SRT course this year with my friends and family.  Needless to say I didn’t need to pressgang anyone this time.

Day one was spent on a climbing wall learning the SRT skills that would need for the followings days decent into the bowels of the earth..

All the equipment was provided along with a written overview of the function of the equipment and techniques, all were top quality as I would expect from ‘Outdoor Instruction’.

The following day, after a hearty breakfast we met up again with Adam and travelled to Jack Pot cave entrance.

What followed was a full days adventure; huge caverns followed by endless twisting tunnels, assents and descents in caves where the torrents of water roaring past proved to be most exhilarating. Once again Adams instruction was excellent,  reassuring us where necessary while encouraging us to use our new found skills independent of him if we felt comfortable.

A thoroughly enjoyable weekend was had by all and the only question left at the end was ‘when’s the next trip?’

I would highly recommend ‘Outdoor Instruction’ to anyone wanting to give caving a try or to enhance their existing skills.

So stop reading this and get out and do it!


Very enjoyable and Challenging day. Instruction geared to suit or team requirements very well. Will recommend you in future to other groups.

RAF adventure training wing

Just to let you know that I really enjoyed the caving trip you organised for us. Been thinking about it since we came back – every twist, turn and drop.  Could I be addicted?

Love to do it again, so keep me informed through emails as we mentioned.

Very best regards and no doubt see you soon,

Steve M


Just to add my thanks to everyone else’s for a fantastic day’s climbing on Mark’s stag do a couple of weeks ago. We all really enjoyed it. It was all really well organised and we couldn’t have asked for a better day. You guys certainly do live in a beautiful part of the country. Thanks again for all your help, take care,

Nick H.

Hi Adam.

The 3 of us would like to say thank you for a BRILLIANT day..It was very interesting,a bit scary and very hard work……BUT SO WORTH IT.

I loved every minute of the trip.Even when i thought you were lost…(i knew you were not lost really).I would like to book up another trip in the very near future.But no ghost stories next time i couldn’t sleep Saturday night……Honestly…..Anyway i will give you a call and book it up.

Thank you for the pictures and the info for the canyoning and map reading days.I am already in the process of getting the guys together for that.I will contact you over the next couple of weeks to arrange a date.

Im looking forward to seeing the pictures you took of us…..Hey you will be glad to know i have sorted my hair out…it took sometime though….Hehehe.

Thanks again for a great day. See you soon… Sally,Wendy and Steve.

Hi Adam,

Just a quick message to say thanks for the previous two weekends. They were really enjoyable and informative at the same time. i dont think that we could have hoped to have got much more from the two sessions.

Thanks again
Mat and Tommy

Hi Adam

I just wanted to say thank you so much for a truly fantastic experience. I enjoyed myself so much on Saturday and definitely want to go caving again.

Everyone at work is asking me about it but it’s impossible to describe how beautiful the caves are and how exciting (and exhausting) it is to be down there.

When we got back to our hotel we just had enough energy to have some dinner and a glass of wine before falling asleep.

Most of my muscles are just about recovered but I still have some pretty impressive bruises to show off!

It was a real pleasure to meet you and I would definitely recommend you and your excellent company to anyone who wanted to go caving.

Thanks again for an extremely fun and memorable birthday…

Best wishes
Joanna Hill

Hi Adam,

Many thanks for Saturday; it was a fantastic experience, I will be thinking about it for a long time.

You were a real professional who has a vast amount of knowledge. I learnt a massive amount and hope I did not ask too many questions!

I will definitely be back for another go and will sort something out in the New Year.

Enjoy Jordan.

Look forward to seeing the photos.

All the best.

This was my first caving trip and I knew straight away that I was in a safe pair of hand. We spent nearly 6 hours underground. Adam is a real professional who really knows his stuff and was glad to answer all the questions I asked him, I cannot remember the last time I learnt so much in a single day. This really was a fantastic experience and I will be back for more trips. I am in the process of changing jobs at the moment and I will have to focus on the new job for a little while but I will book something up in the New Year.


Hi Adam,

Got home in record time, had a pint in with the lads and wanted to go and do it all again today!!!

Anyway, the day was fantastic, more than I could have expected and I will get out and about as much as possible to hone my new skills. Will then look to do the night nav maybe July/August.

All the best

“Just wish to extend a sincere thank you for what we all considered a great weekends caving. You pitched it at the right level and everything was done professionally, I’m sure we will met again within the next few months”

Many Thanks Richard, Dylan and Owen

Hi Adam

Thanks for the patience and effort you took to help with my Masters research. In addition to a days caving I got to use the latest surveying technology, access a perfect study area, and take away some great video and photographic evidence of our adventure and that random cave frog. Fingers crossed that the analysis goes as well and it produces something useful.


“I paddled the Goyt on Saturday, there is a “must make” eddy above the horseshoe weir, after the training I went for it with confidence. And made it, so thanks from me again”



“Thanks to Adam for the photos…. I was so impressed with the session.  I thought it was well structured, developing and increasing the skills as we went, good use of the ball as an aid to leaning the boat.  We stayed on everything long enough to improve, but not long enough to get bored.  I thought that the paddling on one side and making every eddy was really great, particularly challenging on the weak side, and by the end we were moving round the magnetic rock with confidence, far more than I would have been at the start of the session, in fact I would not have even attempted some of the manoeuvres…”


Adam, your coaching worked, I’ve now got my 4 star. Thanks.


Just to say a big thank you for all your time at Eldon on Tuesday. One of the best days we have ever had.

Debs and Netty have had a big grins on their faces ever since.

I of course took it all in my stride   but need to get down more caves very soon. Planning trips already.

Big thanks to Sean at Hitch N Hike who sells the best kit with the best advice you can get.


Just though we would write to thank you and Leon for a great day of climbing instruction and the professional service you provided. We were both very pleased, if somewhat knackered, at the end of the day. The pace of the instruction was good and we covered more than we had expected.

Thanks again – we’d definitely recommend you.

Simon & Kathryn

I am writing to thank you for the two remarkable expeditions i have had the pleasure of paddling with you in Scotland, namely: the river Spey and the river Dee.

For me to take part in these trips is with thanks to your patience and clarity as you taught me to handle an open canoe efficiently and competently using your personalized teaching methods and techniques

first on flat water then on the rivers.

Your directive and unwavering guidance is both thorough and professional and i have immensely enjoyed your company and humor on our days out on the water.

It is, therefore, with great thanks to you that i can paddle, enjoy and pass through such wild and supreme landscapes and i’m looking forward to our next trip paddling Loch Ness.

Kim Sellars.

Since canoeing with Adam I have had some of the best outdoor experiences to date, from day trips to multi-day expeditions.  Adam’s attention for detail in coaching and leading really fills you with confidence and his enthusiasm really rubs off!!!  Not to mention your personal skills being developed.  Safety is always paramount but so is fun and a good day out!!!

The experiences that I have had canoe camping, on multi-day trips and expeditions, with Adam at Outdoor Instruction have really been out of this world!!  From the tranquility of slower water to the, what feels like raging, white water the experiences are very different and will suit many people.

Thank you to Outdoor Instruction for all the quality coaching that I have had from you.  After just 18 month of canoeing I am now looking forward to 5 star training and level 2 coaching.  I have most deffenatly got the bug and thank you for it!!

Thank you for leading our group safely down the River Dee in Scotland.  We had a fantastic time and will be certenly booking you again for another trip.


Hi Adam

Sorry it’s taken so long but I wanted to send a quick e-mail to say thanks for the contouring day out in June. I felt a lot more confident after just that one day.

Things however have changed slightly in my life as I was actually 8 weeks pregnant when I climbed up that steep hill – not a viral infection after all!! I’ve had a pretty rough time of it with morning sickness and ended up in hospital for a few days last week. However I’m much better this week so hopefully I will be able to start going out and about again soon. I still intend to finish off my WGL – it will just have to be middle of next year rather than Sept this year. I have 2 years from March just gone to resit the contouring part so will have to focus on that again next year. Can you let me know of any contacts you have that may be able to do my WGL assessment next year in the Peak District?

I will definitely not be going back to Wales and will need to find somebody in Yorkshire or the Peak District so that I’m not away for longer than one day (or my husband won’t be too amused!).

Thanks and hope business is going well.


Hi Adam

Many Thanks again or Saturday (Intro to outdoor rock climbing) it was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, Its Monday afternoon and my arms are still aching.!!!

A Horton

Hi Adam,

Just  a note to thank you very much for the day’s abseiling and caving on Thursday.  ….. I will certainly recommend you to friends and colleagues and to the place where we stayed…and I won’t charge a commission!


Hi Adam – thanks for a great weekend on the SRT rigging cxourse- really appreciated what we learned – even down to being told we were folding our ropes incorrectly!

I’ve been rigging my house with my new knots – feel very confident in my skills now.


Hi Adam

Just a final note on yesterday’s trip; we all truly had a great experience, all down to your professionalism, knowledge and sense of humour-a great balance and all credit to you. Dom has the bug and wants to return- definitely a budding caver in the making!! Seriously, I personally cannot thank you enough; all the best with the future and I hope that we shall see you again, maybe in a canoe-the “old man” might cope with that better!! Rib-eye Steaks at The Plough exactly as good as you said-a great way to round off a memorable day. Stay in touch by email as your plans develop.

Best wishes

Ps. off to have yet another hot tub to ease the pain!



Don’t know if you recall but you brought myself, Scott and nick down the Devils Arse a few weeks back just wanted to say it was one of the most fantastic experiences we’ve all had, here are the photo’s we took down there, i don’t know if you can use them but i hope so! thanks sovery much for a great day out (or in) or well under as the case may be.


Hi Adam,

Thanks for a great day on Saturday, Jack was pleased with his birthday pressie! …….. We all had lots of aches and pains yesterday, surely a sign of a good day!

Thanks again
Jo, Jack and Jack


Thank you for an awesome day caving. We all enjoyed ourselves and some of us are keen to do another cave next year! Great Stuff.

Thanks again.


Hi Adam,

Just a note to say thank you very much for a brilliant day last wednesday, i really enjoyed it and have learnt loads! just need to get out now and practice it all!!

hope you had a good week paddling, if you’re round here and fancy popping in let me know! look forward to seeing the photos,

Helen Meehan

Hi Adam,

Just thought we’d drop you an email & let you know that our course in the Peak District with you wasn’t wasted, as we took a trip up to the highlands at the end of September.

We took your advice & walked up The Quaraing on Skye. It was amazing & attached is a picture of us on top of it!

Thank you so much for our map reading course, we thoroughly enjoyed it & your company & the skills we learned from you will stay with us always.

We took a mountain shelter with us & were really impressed with how it made you feel like you were in your front room having a cup of tea when you were half way up a mountain!!

Hope you are well & still getting out & about with the days being so short at the moment.

Have a great Christmas & New Year,

Best wishes,
Pete & Leanne Warren.

SRT Training in the Peak District

by Genevieve Thompson, September 2007

Having signed up for the Berger trip I thought I had better get my SRT skills sorted, so booked myself on a 2 day SRT course in Derbyshire in September.  The original plan of camping in Hope was dismissed on the day of departure due to the bad weather and we decided to splash out and stay at the George Hotel in Hathersage which provided a very nice base for 2 days caving indeed and meant that Pete and Dillon were well cared for.

On my first day of training I met my instructor Adam at the Woodbine Café in Hope where the first thing we did over a pot of tea was to setup my cows tails and go through my SRT kit.  After a number of times of me taking my kit on and off Adam was happy and we were off to Suicide Pot for some real underground training.

Suicide Pot is next to the road in Winnats Pass just up from Speedwell Cavern with an entrance that gives off the inviting aroma of a men’s gents.  A few yards in and the smell is gone and only a short distance further is the first drop which was to provide me with many hours of fun.   We went through all the theory of the shoulds and should-nots of using my cows tails and getting on and off the rope and then I was off.  To start with it was just the straight-forwards descending and ascending and learning to trust my cows tails (which for some reason I kept calling cats tails!)  We then moved on to more challenging exercises and by the end of the day I was becoming reasonably competent at going up and down, passing re-belays and deviations in either direction and changing direction part way up or down the rope.

Prior to this I had done a number of SRT trips but was always totally reliant on others reminding me of what to do and never quite trusted my kit or myself.  After one day of training I felt considerably more confident and finally felt as if I knew what I was doing, albeit with a lot of very slow thinking out loud with every move.

The next morning, Adam came to the hotel and spent an hour with Pete and me, going through all the things you should take with you on a caving trip in case of emergency.  This was quite an eye opener – I wonder how many of us take any kind of first aid kit or survival bag with us underground!

Adam and I then headed off to Eldon hole where all my previous days training was going to be put to the test – and oh what a big test it was going to be.  One of the key attractions for me to caving is the fact that it is dark underground.  I hate heights so am quite happy not to be able to see where I am going other than the murky depths below or above.  Unfortunately Eldon hole is an open vertical pothole, a wide 55m deep rift open to the surface which meant that I could see exactly how deep it was – well nearly, because from the top you can’t actually see to the bottom, even with the daylight but what I could see was bad enough!

Adam rigged one of the four possible routes and I was off – very slowly, tentatively and nervously – there was one very big, visible drop below me and I really didn’t want to look down.  A very long time later (I’m not saying how long otherwise no-one is going to let me go to Berger!) and I was back at the top – I had navigated through the rebelays, had done some very, big swings across the hole in order pass around the deviation and had even looked down a few times – and had survived.  I was feeling very pleased with myself as Adam and I had cake and coffee back at the top – at this point I thought we had finished for the day was enjoying the total relief of it all being over.  But no, more was to come – Adam soon had another pitch rigged, this time not so vertical and I was off again (very slowly).  The top section of this pitch was really a scramble with lots of mud which I seemed to make a bit of trial of and then I was at the top of a very long drop.  Adam had rigged a traverse before the big descent which was where my fear got the better of me.  I knew that my cows tails wouldn’t let me go anywhere, but I still couldn’t commit myself to the rope.  After many failed attempts to overcome the fear, we decided to call it a day and head back to the top.

Despite the disappointment of bottling the traverse, I really enjoyed my 2 days of training and learned a huge amount.  I know that most people in the club have years of SRT experience but for anyone who hasn’t I totally recommend going on a course with Adam.  Have a look at www.outdoorinstruction.co.uk for more details or ring him on 07900 927400.

Hi Adam,

Thank you for a GREAT experience below the Peak District. It truly was good and like I said, really challenged the comfort zone. ……

Kind regards,

Hi Adam,

Just a quick thanks for the training course once – we just came back from a week in Fermanagh in Ireland, when we put our skills to practice on two occasions!

Firstly Mike managed to firmly wedge himself at the top of the tight pitch in Prods, so he had to be hauled up a few inches so he could turn his Stop into a Simple and then be lowered past the tight bit.

The next day, we joined forces with Huddersfield Uni and visited Marble Arch. One of their group who had a history of epilepsy had multiple seizures on our way out the cave. We assisted her through the cave (assisted handlines, and lots of careful spotting) and managed to get her out before a cave rescue callout from the first team out was initiated.

Thanks again for teaching us these useful skills, they really are a lifesaver!



Thanks for your advice and the relatively diplomatic feedback, I know I learnt more today than I did on the whole of the Level 2 Training Course. I would like to take you up on your offer of tagging along on one of your level 2 days ( to gather more golden Nugetts) if you could give me as much notice as possible I would be grateful as my diary gets extremely full. If you are typing feed back to Dave Baines I would be grateful of a copy and it saves Dave having to photo copy it and snailmailing it to me.

Thanks again
Steve Pope

Having done some caving courses with Adam, and now extending my interest to climbing and mountaineering I asked Adam to spend a couple of days with me covering wild camping and navigation. We spent 2 days in the mountains about Blaenau. I had some experience of navigation, but wanted to hone my skills for micro-navigation in poor conditions. As it transpired the weather was perfect for this, with visibility ranging from 25m to clear skies. I learnt a phenomenal amount from Adam ranging from navigation through to the logistics of cooking water efficiently when on the hill. I came away confident in my new found skills. Additionally Adam is great company. I highly recommend Adam for this kind of training.

Hope this helps.


“Really enjoyed the coaching and have got some ideas about what I need to work on now”


Dear Adam,

We just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you for a really enjoyable weekend.

We were so impressed at your tailor-made service, and felt that we learnt so much over just two days.  We both came away with big smiles, a sense of personal achievement (and physical exhaustion), and knowing we definately made the right choice not to go to a ‘try a bit of everything’ activity centre. We will certainly be back for more 🙂

Many thanks,
Rhiannon and John

Hi Adam,

I thought you might like to hear that on June 14th this year I was part of a group from the Orpheus that did a Titan<->JH exchange trip.  I was on the team that descended JH and ascended Titan, and I was asked to rig JH which was great fun as I’d previously de-rigged Leviathan, but being the first one down a pitch is always more exciting.  The feeling of achievement when I got off the rope at the head of the upper pitch in Titan was amazing.

So from the first trip with Phil in December 2006, to the trips with yourself into Peak and the eventful trip into P8 in July 2007, and the rigging training we did in Yorkshire last summer it’s been 18 months from start to Titan.   I wonder what will come next? J  Thanks for the offer of the trip to the Vercors by the way, unfortunately work commitments just won’t allow me to take the time off this year.

I’m losing count of the places I’ve been: Tatham Wife, Sell Gill Holes, Easegill (via Cow Pot & Fall Pot), Aygill Caverns, Rowten Pot, Ireby Fell, Gaping Gill (via Bar Pot and Marilyn), and Ibbeth Peril in Yorkshire; Giant’s Hole, P8, Eldon Hole, Sidetrack Cave, JH, Rowter Hole, Peak & Speedwell, Odin Mine, Knotlow & Whalf Mine, Lathkill Head, Streaks Pot, Carlswark, Waterfall Hole, Hungerhill Swallet, Eyam Dale House Cave, Waterways Swallet, Robin’s Shaft, and Masson->Youds Level in Derbyshire; OFD2&3, Tunnel Cave, Agen Alwedd and Ogof Draenen in Wales, and finally last weekend I made it to the Mendips and visited Swildon’s Hole and Rhino Rift.

Thanks for helping get me started with this sport, it’s still as enjoyable and there’s still so much to see and do!

Finally I thought you might like to know that Ashley ran a half marathon on July 6th.  His knee is recovering slowly and although it’s quite strong when walking and running in a straight line he’s still having some trouble turning sharp corners.  He’s getting there slowly though.  He collected sponsorship for his run and has donated it to the DCRO.

Chris Jackson

Hi Adam,

Just a quick note. Me and my friend went on a pot holing day with leon and its was absolutly fantastic. Very helpful and informative really helped me do things I didn’t think I could do. Talked us through everything and won’t esitate to recommend. Hope your both well and thanks again for the day its was perfect. Where gonna have a go at rock climbing next I think so if you have any info let me know. Please feel free to use my email for anyone with hesitations.

Thanks Gavin Bagnall


Just a quick e-mail to say thank you for yesterday, a fantastic experience, one have always wanted to undertake and now I have I am certainly glad I was given the opportunity to.

Woke up this morning feeling a little sore and stiff in my back and arms, think yesterday showed where my body should have muscle groups but hasn’t.

Hope everything goes well for you in the future and you continue to give people the opportunity to experience the wonders of the world that lies beneath our feet.

Thanks again
Shaun Rigg


Many thanks for yesterday, all concerned really enjoyed it, when you get the chance can you send the photos through.

Once again many thanks and I think we may well be booking again (a few trips to the Gym first for me)  and I will pass my recommendations on to all and sundry.

Brian Richards

Hi Adam,

Just wanted to write to say a big thanks for everything last Saturday, it was certainly a ‘different’ hen do but one which I thoroughly enjoyed, I have to say you fitted in really well (being the only bloke) and we all felt really relaxed just to be ourselves and make the most of the experiences. The absailing and caving were excellent, we felt safe at all times but we didn’t feel that with us being girls that you gave us a milder version than you would have given an all male group lets say. I also feel that we got great value for money and I will definitely be reccommending you to all my other friends who fancy an ‘alternative’ all girls weekend. By the way I am still aching ……….. so thanks for that!


Hi Adam, Sheree and I would like to thank you once again for such a brilliant weekend.

It was superb from both learning experience and the enjoyment factor and as you already know we appreciate how professional you were in setting us at ease and getting the techniques and practises over to us.

Personally I had no idea in what would be involved and previously having merely done ascent and descent I was enthralled with every minute of the two days, I am now bruised and shattered but buzzing with everything!

Thanks again.

Mark Wright

Hi Adam, just a note to thank you once again for the superb practise sessions that you put Sheree and myself through over the weekend.  We gained immensely from the sessions and now feel much more capable of undertaking the rigging course with you.

I particularly wanted to thank you for the way in which you dealt with our tiredness and our trust in your professionalism went even higher than before when you took the stance to turn back from the wet pitch in Yordas and also the stink pot in marble steps.

As Sheree said on the way back to the van, it was great the way that you put everything over to us, the way you shadowed closely when we need shadowing and more than anything the way that you pushed us indirectly to achieve what we wanted to do but were ready and able to step in if we were out of our comfort zone.

Just as a memory jogger if you can sort out dates for the cave leader course and prepare an invoice to me as soon as possible it would be most appreciated

Thank again
Mark & Sheree

Hi, Adam

Thanks so much for Thursday; it was a really exciting time for us – especially the drops at the end. We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and learned a good deal while we were about it. We hope that we’ll have the chance to take some more instruction before long.

The next day we walked up Mam Tor and round about, visiting the Blue John cavern while we were so close. We’ve now collected the daughters and are back at home once more after a wonderful break.

The youtube video is brilliant  – thanks for directing us to it. We hope you have a rewarding summer, and many thanks for all your encouragement.

All good wishes,
David & Victoria

Hello Adam!

As promised – my email address again for you to send yesterday’s photos.

Again, on behalf of the group, many, many thanks for a really super time in the Devil’s Arse and for the organisation involved.  We returned to Northamptonshire a very tired, battered, bruised but happy bunch of wrinklies!

Look forward to seeing the pics!

Jane Tromans


Wow! thanks again, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Didn’t make it to the party but who cares I had a great day.  Was absolutely shattered when I got home and thought I would not be able to move on Sunday but woke up feeling fine, just a slight ache in my upper arms, so maybe I am not too unfit for my age.  Rang my brother who lives in NZ to tell him what I had done, he is an avid outdoor pursuiter, but has never been down a cave, yeh! that’s only the second thing that I have done that he hasn’t, the other was getting a grade A in my maths O Level, no sibbling rivalry honestly.

If the group books for next year I will be there!

Have attached my write up, just thought you may be interested.

Thanks again,


After a wonderful hearty breakfast in Hope we drove up the The Devil’s Arse in Castleton.  Amongst many oohs and aahs and ‘God I’m shattered’ we finally managed to get all kitted up in our safety gear.  Adam (our guide) had been quite worried that we would all get lost in his kit as he thought he was taking out a bunch of midgets, he had never had such a small group, I was the tallest at 5’6”! Girls at the ready with their red lipstick on and waterproof mascara applied to perfection we walked up to the cave entrance.  Adam was extremely impressive with his knowledge of caving and we all felt quite safe in his hands until he managed to trip over his own feet walking up the path (mmm, wonder if he is so good? went through my mind)

We were promised a mine of information about the geology of the area whilst caving, notes of which I was obviously taking, but unfortunately my shorthand pad got wet when we were in the water.

I don’t quite know what I was expecting from this adventure but it certainly got my adrenalin going and in parts my fear factor was being pushed slightly to the limits.  I think the best or possibly worst bit was when we had to get into water, up to our waists, and stoop under a gap just big enough to get your head through and then wade through a small cavern in which you could not stand up, but it was astounding geology and made funny by all the comments about how cold the water was and where it was getting to!

Adam kept us well informed about how the caves had been explored over the years and added in a few horror stories about what had happened to some less fortunate cavers, just to make us feel safe!?  He also told us how to read the rock formation which could tell you how fast and from what direction the water would come into the cave.

Once we reached the end of our cave a few of us were feeling slightly tired so we rested for a while whilst the more intrepid ones went elsewhere to practise walking like penguins apparently. Heather managed to find her trousers, she had lost them inside her boiler suit somewhere, and we tried to play I Spy, but that didn’t last long, so we set off again retracing our steps to the entrance and through that horribly cold water again which we all decided had risen since the first time we went through.

Before we left the cave we had to wash down our suits, so that we didn’t get the tourists dirty as we left, and a very political debate followed, it wasn’t until Jane mentioned we were standing in the middle of a river, could we discuss this elsewhere that we thought what a good idea, funny that after being soaked to the skin for five hours you just don’t notice the water any more.

I don’t think I will ever forget the faces of some of the tourists as we emerged from the depths of the cave, it was like the parting of the waves as if we were an alien species, although with all our gear on we probably did look like that.

There was much frivolity in the car park as we battled again with our gear, this time to get it off, and I never knew just how much water you could collect inside a Wellington boot and still walk with it on your foot!

All in all a cracking day and could I just say thank you to the other members, Lucy, Les, Heather, Jane, Mike, Trish and Pauline for making me feel so welcome on this my second outing with the group.

All I can say is that if this is what this club is about ‘then bring it on’ I will be there for every adventure possible!

Hi Adam just to thank you for the usual superb trips and tuition over the weekend.  You already know how much we enjoyed the course and the information gained is unmeasurable in terms of quality and usefulness to us

Thanks also for the way you dealt with Sheree on both days but especially today with her being so upset this morning.  The back pain is possibly ongoing and as you saw, she is devastated by the way it prevents her from participating the way she wants to, not that she doesn’t participate!!

Canyon boots will be with me sometime tomorrow and we hope to be at Hitch n Hike later in the week and will try to get them over to you if convenient with you

Thanks again