Skills Coaching

What is Coaching and Instructing?

What is it? Its basically helping you acquire better skills faster and easier.

Demystifying essential Skills For Your Safety, learning and enjoyment

Making the seemingly complicated… much easier.

The difference between Coaching and Instructing I believe is subtle.

Instructing is maybe more linear and process centred and therefore aims at short term learning goals.

A larger group will generally be instructed than coached. Eg do this… now do that.

Coaching is possibly more holistic and person centred and therefore possibly more focussed toward long term development and skill retention with an ability to adjust those skills if needed.

A smaller group or individual will generally be more coached that instructed.

An expert coach will be able to adapt to your style of learning and work at the speed most appropriate for you.

The coach will find locations and activities that both challenge and safeguard, breaking techniques down into easy to understand steps, that you can combine to become even more effective in your chosen arena.

Moving seamlessly from foundation skills to advanced skills with sound back ground theories, easy to follow demonstrations and highly applicable routines of skills practice and then testing them within differing context.

A coach will use augmented feed back at certain times to assist your personal development. They will also teach you to teach yourself.

Magically they will have a long term goal that all the steps will fit into and coalesce into an intuitive personal routine.

Always helping you learn the best ways for you, a top end coach’s goal is to make themselves superfluous to your immediate needs, yet always show you how to be much more than you are right now.