Canoe Coaching

Affordable coaching for budding to experienced Canoeist.

Be careful what you learn and practice.
Practice does not make perfect. Practice makes permanent.
Only perfect practice makes perfect
Practice what’s perfect for you

If you’re reading this page then its likely your hoping to move through the steps of learning and skill development needed to become a competent to even excellent Canoeist

So to help you on your journey to improving your canoeing, you might want a good coach that can:

  • Adapt to your learning style
  • Help you find a way that works well for you
  • Give accurate feed back on their observation and when it’s needed
  • Change the way they teach to suit you best
  • Back up sound technical theory with clear demonstrations
  • Change the sessions to give you better learning opportunities
  • Work with you long term plan to include skills training sessions for you to take away and practice

Plus maybe use powerful internal techniques to improve your mind set for performance.

Thoughts create Feelings
Feelings create Actions
Actions create Results

Steps of learning

Step 1 Unconscious Incompetence

Unaware of what’s possible in a canoe or how good you er….. aren’t!

This is the stage where most accidents happen. Its essential to get out o this “unaware” zone as its where those news headlines we read appear…. “Canoeist Dies” “Canoeists Missing”

E.g. You’ve never ridden a bicycle before, yet when an expert does it they look so easy to ride pedal and steer all at the same time.

Step 2 Conscious Incompetence

The most important phase, as this is where you can identify what you can or cant do and then devise a strategy with your coach to improve on that.

“I’m less than capable at ….” and move toward “How do I get better at ….”

E.g. Yeesh these bicycles are hard to ride after all and I’m glad I have stabilizers on! Ill stop wobbling soon with assistance?

Step 3 Conscious Competence

Now your starting to get it. Things are working for you when you work hard and plan. With focus and thought and possibly pre formed moves you achieve the aspired results on most scenarios.

E.g. I can ride a bike without stabilizers on I just need to plan ahead and corner and break carefully when stopping

Step 4 Unconscious Competence

It’s now become as natural as any other skill you have like walking and you no longer even think about it when you do it.

E.g. Riding that bike now, with just one hand, whilst looking over your shoulder and being ready to signal with the other hand. Easy

How good do you want to be?

How do you want to get there?

What are you going to do about that?

My only interest is to get a success that’s right for you