Ladder And Lifeline Rigging Skills

Training courses for cavers wanting to learn how to fix ropes, ladders and traverses for their own team to use.

Learn to safely identify and link multiple anchors.

Safety line each other on descents and ascents (never climb a caving ladder unroped as they often break its Russian roulette).

Practice the additional assistance skills necessary to help with a tired or injured group member on pitches and traverses (all too often people who are exhausted need easy to learn skills to assist them to the surface)

Use different safe guarding techniques with their uses and limitations and find which works best for you.

Note: Several times a year I am obliged to help stranded cavers up simple pitches purely because they lack these easy to learn skills. Don’t be a statistic

Previous experience: Some Caving experience necessary
Duration: Min 1 full day
Min Ratio: 1 instructor to 1
Max Ratio: 1 instructor to 4
Cost: Dependant on size of group